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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

In case you didn't get the memo ...

I moved! Check me out here:



I've been there since August, so if you're still here you are a little behind the times!

Tuesday, 07 August 2007

follow me/it's my birthday!

Today I'm 20!
Also, I'm moving blogs! Check me out here from now on. Make sure you switch your bloglines subscription, if you have one! Things will be a lot better over there, and hopefully with a lot less bullshit. Now I've got to go switch the links everywhere (ravelry, flickr, etc.) Yay!

Sunday, 05 August 2007

i've had it up to here

with blogspirit, and I think I am officially moving. There is a link to some tracker thing at the bottom of my page, that I never noticed before. And looking at my referrers this month already (meaning August, not July!) there are several porn sites, which has never happened before. I'm just so sick of blogspirit's overall shittiness. I think I'm going to hit up blogger and see how I like that. Can't be any worse ...
This would be the perfect time to mention that I have been in a terrible mood the past few days. I have this unshakable feeling of frustration. The only thing I haven't done to make me feel better is drugs. And let me tell you, some vicodin would be great. That whole "Everything sucks but I could give a fuck less" feeling that one gets with vicodin is just what I need. If I were a cartoon, there would be a big black cloud over my head, endlessly raining. BAH fucking HUMBUG!
All that said, I've done some embroidering. I have pictures, but they're not uploaded yet. Soon!
Oh, and thanks for all the comments on my previos post. I do love that shrug already.

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Saturday, 21 July 2007


Fiery Bolero FB shoulder FB shoulder in the mirror


FINISHED: Fiery Bolero from IK Summer 2005

 needles: US #3s and 6s

 yarn: LB Cotton Ease (the old knid) in white

mods:  none. (weird! i almost always change things)

 check my ravelry page for it.


I am SO happy with this. It's definitely the most wearable thing I've ever knit. I love it. So simple. It can be elegant or casual, and pretty much goes with everything. Yay!  

Thursday, 05 July 2007

oh flickr, how i love thee! let me count the ways.

i don't know if you know this, but YahooPhotos is closing Spetember 20th (Also my cousin's 21st birthday.), so they can concentrate on flickr.  When you log in, they have to option of transferring your photos to flickr, photobucket and some other services. I was kind of wary about doing it, but decided, hey, now is the time. So I did. And they are giving me (and I'm assuming everyone so go DO IT!) 3 more free months of pro service on my account! whee! Also, they say that your titles, descriptions, and even albums will be in tact. Albums will even "magically" be turned into a set. This kind of stuff is why I love flickr. So friendly! So convinient! Anyway, if things are a bit wonky around my flickr for a while, this is why. I uploaded every. single. picture. onto YahooPhotos for a while, and was a little more slective about flickr. Also, I'm sure there are duplicates, etc. But I am excited.


I'm talking about this stuff because in Sacramento right now, it is officially too hot to knit. Shit, it's even too hot to swim. All the plants in the yard look suicidal. Except for the sunflowers and tomato, of course. They are loving it!

where i am now

However, as it cools down to a frigid 99° this weekend, I'm going camping in Fort Bragg. Where it will be 65°, max! Our lows in Sacramento are hotter than the highs in Fort Bragg. craziness!

where i am going tomorrow.

 Perfect weather for knitting, and for weather handknits. Including the newly finished, not even photographed, ends not yet woven, Cherry Tree Hill supersock socks! Hopefully I get those ends woven in before I leave tomorrow. I am always cold, so I'm sure I will use them. I'm actually thinking about bring a hat to wear, which is something I never do. I get super cold very easily. And for a knitter, I really haven't knit myself any good warm, winter clothing. Especially not in the sweater department. Anyway, I'm just hoping it's not super windy. Windy + tent = not a fun time! I'm just excited that this will be the first place we have gone camping this year that does not have bears! Giant raccoons, maybe, but not bears.



[remeber how I went camping in Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago? yeah, that was right where the huge forest fire was. The Governor was in the little place we stayed, Camp Richardson. i wonder if we were bad luck.]


ETA: In going through bloglines, I found this! Such a cool idea. I'm picturing a camo chair. I just don't think I have one of those old lawn chairs lying around anywhere. Garage sales, here I come!

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Thursday, 28 June 2007

uncle Thom. or fuck cancer!

i am one of those people for whom it takes things a bit to sink in. most of the time things just seem unreal when they're happening, then there will be that one little thing that really makes it sink in. hit home, if you will. my uncle thom died a week ago today. he had cancer and i knew it was going to happen. i didn't think it would be quite so soon. anyway, i opened up the newspaper to and found this.
and it happened.

i googled him, and found a blog someone else (one of his friends) wrote about him. http://people.tribe.net/67336945-52b3-404c-8c29-1bbb4b007...

also, i heard i get his little mermaid watch. claire gets tinkerbell. 

 I'm definitely doing the "fuck cancer" pattern from subversive cross stitch. i'm thinking it needs "homo sweet homo" to go with it, because (you'll know if you read that blog) he was gay.

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are you shitting me?

jesus christ, i can't fucking believe this.


Online Dating

I said "hell" once.

we all know i curse a hell of a lot more than that. this is complete fucking bullshit.



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Thursday, 21 June 2007

ravelry, Molly Ringwald, camping.

add me as a friend on ravelry! my name is JessSacto, or you can use my blog url to find me. i just haven't been that good at finding the people i know already. i'm loving it, though. being able to see every version of a project is great. i can see what everyone chose to embroider on their knucks, and things like that. it's fantastic.

if you are my ravelry friend, you'll know i'm working on a molly ringwald top. from knitscene, fall 2006. it's great so far. i really can't wait to wear it, and that's motivating me! it is not, however, aptly named. it maybe pretty but it's not pink. there are some things redheads just can't do. and one is to wear pink. i'm actually not sure how molly ringwald got away with it. it just doesn't "work" with this skintone!

neckline detail


i'm thinking about doing some dyeing tomorrow. i got a bunch of stuff for dyeing a while ago, and haven't used it. i've got some kool-aid and a bunch of white wool, of various sorts. i thinking about maybe dip-dyeing something, because i love that look. i also love the knitty article explaining how to do it! (Amazing job, SamuraiKnitter! I printed that shit out.) I really want to start making some generic scarves to give away at Christmas. I figure the earlier I start, the better off I will be. And if i really like them, i'll keep 'em!


Camping last weekend was all right. A bear walked through the campsite right next to ours, but I was at the store on a booze and duct tape run at the time. (hey, it's camping. what else do you need?) supposedly they also got into people's stuff like ice chests during the night, but i slept right through it. i'm a heavy sleeper. i'm really not that into lake tahoe. it's the place where all the yuppies with cabins go to lie out in the sun during the summer and ski during the winter. and i'm just not that kind of broad. i like a lake you can swim in, for one! also, my allergies went nuts! there was pollen on everything. i left my duffel in the garage, because my stuff needs to go straight into the washer before it is worn/used again. it was bad! overall, not a great trip. pictures soon on flickr. maybe some here.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2007


I've been tagged to do some memes for a while now, and I've been slacking. Here they are!

I think I'm the last knitblogger ever to do this meme, so here are 7 weird/random things about me. I was tagged first by Scarlett and then by Pam.

1. I do not eat vegetables. Ever. Tomato sauce, in limited quantities is okay. Other than that, unless potatoes count, I can't think of anything else.

2.I've only driven a car once. And I almost hit a pole. Driving scares me. (I think I need anti-anxiety meds, really.)

3. I went on maybe 4 dates (ever, with anyone) before I met my current (and only!) boyfriend. We've been together since last March. I love his family, and I think my family likes him more than me!

4. I love Sailor Jerry/tradional style tattoos. I'm planning on getting quite a few (I can't yet because of dance competition and some othe factors). I'm not sure whether I am excited about the current trend of seeing tattoo-style stuff, with skulls and anchors everywhere. I don't know whether I should be happy because I can actually find cool stuff or bummed because a bunch of trendy broads with absolutely no clue are also wearing it.

5. I don't think I have a specific favorite food, band, or color.

6. I am so ticklish that I can't get a proper massage. And I've never had a pedicure because I'm not sure that I could take it.

7. I've never done a real push-up. I have no upper body muscle whatsoever.


And here's my favorite meme in a long while, which Pam tagged me for. Here are five absolutely ludicrous, crazy, and ridiculous FALSEHOODS about me:

1. I love Christian contemporary music. The acoustic guitar just fills me with the Spirit. That rock and roll music is the devil's work.

2. I've dyed my hair 100 times, all different shades of blonde. It just suits me and my bubbly personality so well!

3. I really apply myself to whatever I do. If I do something, I do it 110%. I finish everything I start. I may not be the best at what I do, but I work so hard it doesn't matter. Also, I aspire to greatness.

4. I am totally vegan straight edge. And committed to it.  I hate meat, milk, cheese and especially ice cream. Those poor animals. I won't even be friends with anyone who drinks alcohol. They clearly don't have enough self-respect for me to respect them.

5. I'm a conservative republican, but I never vote. I'm pro-life and I wish men could make all the choices about my body for me! I'm also threatened by "colored" people, and those crazy punk rockers. I wish everyone looked the same, and liked the same things I do.

So there you go. You probably learned something about me. I'm really pretty weird, but I couldn't come up with good stuff for the first one. I mostly just say weird things.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

i'm listed MIA

So I know I've been totally MIA lately. No pictures on Flickr even! We had the floors redone in the spare bedroom, which is where the computer dwells. Everything's been torn apart, including the computer itself. When re-assembling it today, I almost forgot the modem back into the wall. I'm actually sitting on the bare (now laminate! not carpet) floor, because the furniture hasn't been moved back in here yet.
I haven't checked bloglines yet, but after a week of not being online, I can only imagine what it holds in store.

OH MY GOSH! I have been typing this up as I go through all my emails, and I didn't even notice that I finally got my ravelry invite! YESSSS! I'm glad it only came yesterday, and I haven't been missing out for days.
And I just logged into bloglines ... 299 unread.

I'm checking out the new knitty, and it's funny to me that I'm just now really thinking about "summer" knitting. It's supposed to be 100° out today. I'm knitting a cotton top right now (Molly Ringwald from knitscene). I'm also knitting wool socks, gloves, and crocheting an afghan! I do most of my knitting in the air conditioned coolness of my house, so I guess it really doesn't matter what I work on. If it's super hot, I probably won't want to knit at all. (I say super hot like 100, isn't hot. Considering that it was 115 last summer, and humid at the time which is strange for CA, my standards for hot are high.)

I think I have a new favorite knitting pattern that I must start knitting five minutes ago ... Unmentionables!  I've been wearing long dresses quite a bit lately, so these are a must.

This weekend, I'm taking a trip to Lake Tahoe with theBoy's family. This will be the first time I've gone camping in 5+ years. I'm breaking my tent out for the first time since I was in Girl Scouts. yeah. (what can I say, I'm a nature nerd, not a goody-goody. and the cookies. i wanted tp re-join in high school just for the cookies!) Anyway, it's going to be fun. Last month, we went houseboating on Shasta Lake, and it was amazing. I'm still in the process of tagging/adding names to all the photos so they will be appearing as I get that done. Houseboating is now my new favorite way to vacation. You get all the fun of camping with electricity, and possibly a water slide. I'm usually super cautious/anxious with boats and water, but I had no problems. this is porbably the most shocking part of all: i actually sunbathed. with spf 30, of course, but still. it's not something i do too often.

i have two memes i need to do that i will post soon. thanks to everyone who tagged me. i know you're dying to hear some weird facts.

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