Wednesday, 13 June 2007

i'm listed MIA

So I know I've been totally MIA lately. No pictures on Flickr even! We had the floors redone in the spare bedroom, which is where the computer dwells. Everything's been torn apart, including the computer itself. When re-assembling it today, I almost forgot the modem back into the wall. I'm actually sitting on the bare (now laminate! not carpet) floor, because the furniture hasn't been moved back in here yet.
I haven't checked bloglines yet, but after a week of not being online, I can only imagine what it holds in store.

OH MY GOSH! I have been typing this up as I go through all my emails, and I didn't even notice that I finally got my ravelry invite! YESSSS! I'm glad it only came yesterday, and I haven't been missing out for days.
And I just logged into bloglines ... 299 unread.

I'm checking out the new knitty, and it's funny to me that I'm just now really thinking about "summer" knitting. It's supposed to be 100° out today. I'm knitting a cotton top right now (Molly Ringwald from knitscene). I'm also knitting wool socks, gloves, and crocheting an afghan! I do most of my knitting in the air conditioned coolness of my house, so I guess it really doesn't matter what I work on. If it's super hot, I probably won't want to knit at all. (I say super hot like 100, isn't hot. Considering that it was 115 last summer, and humid at the time which is strange for CA, my standards for hot are high.)

I think I have a new favorite knitting pattern that I must start knitting five minutes ago ... Unmentionables!  I've been wearing long dresses quite a bit lately, so these are a must.

This weekend, I'm taking a trip to Lake Tahoe with theBoy's family. This will be the first time I've gone camping in 5+ years. I'm breaking my tent out for the first time since I was in Girl Scouts. yeah. (what can I say, I'm a nature nerd, not a goody-goody. and the cookies. i wanted tp re-join in high school just for the cookies!) Anyway, it's going to be fun. Last month, we went houseboating on Shasta Lake, and it was amazing. I'm still in the process of tagging/adding names to all the photos so they will be appearing as I get that done. Houseboating is now my new favorite way to vacation. You get all the fun of camping with electricity, and possibly a water slide. I'm usually super cautious/anxious with boats and water, but I had no problems. this is porbably the most shocking part of all: i actually sunbathed. with spf 30, of course, but still. it's not something i do too often.

i have two memes i need to do that i will post soon. thanks to everyone who tagged me. i know you're dying to hear some weird facts.


friend me on ravelry! have a great vacation too :) I was in girl scouts longer than most people too, tee hee.

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