Thursday, 21 June 2007

ravelry, Molly Ringwald, camping.

add me as a friend on ravelry! my name is JessSacto, or you can use my blog url to find me. i just haven't been that good at finding the people i know already. i'm loving it, though. being able to see every version of a project is great. i can see what everyone chose to embroider on their knucks, and things like that. it's fantastic.

if you are my ravelry friend, you'll know i'm working on a molly ringwald top. from knitscene, fall 2006. it's great so far. i really can't wait to wear it, and that's motivating me! it is not, however, aptly named. it maybe pretty but it's not pink. there are some things redheads just can't do. and one is to wear pink. i'm actually not sure how molly ringwald got away with it. it just doesn't "work" with this skintone!

neckline detail


i'm thinking about doing some dyeing tomorrow. i got a bunch of stuff for dyeing a while ago, and haven't used it. i've got some kool-aid and a bunch of white wool, of various sorts. i thinking about maybe dip-dyeing something, because i love that look. i also love the knitty article explaining how to do it! (Amazing job, SamuraiKnitter! I printed that shit out.) I really want to start making some generic scarves to give away at Christmas. I figure the earlier I start, the better off I will be. And if i really like them, i'll keep 'em!


Camping last weekend was all right. A bear walked through the campsite right next to ours, but I was at the store on a booze and duct tape run at the time. (hey, it's camping. what else do you need?) supposedly they also got into people's stuff like ice chests during the night, but i slept right through it. i'm a heavy sleeper. i'm really not that into lake tahoe. it's the place where all the yuppies with cabins go to lie out in the sun during the summer and ski during the winter. and i'm just not that kind of broad. i like a lake you can swim in, for one! also, my allergies went nuts! there was pollen on everything. i left my duffel in the garage, because my stuff needs to go straight into the washer before it is worn/used again. it was bad! overall, not a great trip. pictures soon on flickr. maybe some here.

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Arrrr, I can't wait for Ravelry to open!! I signed up for login a week or two ago, I have a looooong wait!!

And dude...Molly Ringwald can do ANYTHING. She's Molly Ringwald!!

Posted by: pam | Sunday, 24 June 2007

Thats going to be a lovely tank top :)

Posted by: Felicia | Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I signed up for ravelry... I guess I'm on the list!

Good luck with the dyeing ;)

Posted by: melissa | Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I might have an extra ravelry invite coming my way ... i might have signed up twice. i'll keep you ladies posted!

Posted by: Jess | Tuesday, 26 June 2007

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