Thursday, 05 July 2007

oh flickr, how i love thee! let me count the ways.

i don't know if you know this, but YahooPhotos is closing Spetember 20th (Also my cousin's 21st birthday.), so they can concentrate on flickr.  When you log in, they have to option of transferring your photos to flickr, photobucket and some other services. I was kind of wary about doing it, but decided, hey, now is the time. So I did. And they are giving me (and I'm assuming everyone so go DO IT!) 3 more free months of pro service on my account! whee! Also, they say that your titles, descriptions, and even albums will be in tact. Albums will even "magically" be turned into a set. This kind of stuff is why I love flickr. So friendly! So convinient! Anyway, if things are a bit wonky around my flickr for a while, this is why. I uploaded every. single. picture. onto YahooPhotos for a while, and was a little more slective about flickr. Also, I'm sure there are duplicates, etc. But I am excited.


I'm talking about this stuff because in Sacramento right now, it is officially too hot to knit. Shit, it's even too hot to swim. All the plants in the yard look suicidal. Except for the sunflowers and tomato, of course. They are loving it!

where i am now

However, as it cools down to a frigid 99° this weekend, I'm going camping in Fort Bragg. Where it will be 65°, max! Our lows in Sacramento are hotter than the highs in Fort Bragg. craziness!

where i am going tomorrow.

 Perfect weather for knitting, and for weather handknits. Including the newly finished, not even photographed, ends not yet woven, Cherry Tree Hill supersock socks! Hopefully I get those ends woven in before I leave tomorrow. I am always cold, so I'm sure I will use them. I'm actually thinking about bring a hat to wear, which is something I never do. I get super cold very easily. And for a knitter, I really haven't knit myself any good warm, winter clothing. Especially not in the sweater department. Anyway, I'm just hoping it's not super windy. Windy + tent = not a fun time! I'm just excited that this will be the first place we have gone camping this year that does not have bears! Giant raccoons, maybe, but not bears.



[remeber how I went camping in Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago? yeah, that was right where the huge forest fire was. The Governor was in the little place we stayed, Camp Richardson. i wonder if we were bad luck.]


ETA: In going through bloglines, I found this! Such a cool idea. I'm picturing a camo chair. I just don't think I have one of those old lawn chairs lying around anywhere. Garage sales, here I come!

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thanks for the info about yahoo photos!! I'll have to switch them all over to flickr, too!

Posted by: melissa | Thursday, 05 July 2007

that is one cool looking chair! A camo one would be super cool

Posted by: amanda cathleen | Sunday, 15 July 2007

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